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I woke this morning to the sight of about seven or eight ducks roaming the front yard of the house across the street. We live kinda close to a small pond so I guess it’s not that unusual to see them there, but still, not something I was expecting. I was interested and watched them while I ate breakfast… and I’ll admitt, I was hoping they’d wonder over to our yard so I could get some pictures. But they didn’t.  However, when I got home from work this afternoon I happened to look out the window just as a line of ducks started to march across the street into our driveway! It was so cute and I can’t believe I didn’t have my phone in hand to take a picture of the little duck parade. I did manage to get a couple of pictures of them while they were in the yard though! They were only there a couple of minutes before they wondered off again.

In honour of this “ducky” day I decided to post a layout I did back in January. The pictures are of Lauren visitng the “Duck Pond” (Jane’s Pond) in Marystown, NL  for the last time before we moved to Paradise, NL. It was one of our favourite pass times while we lived there.

For this layout I used Basic Grey paper for the background and flowers. I got the idea for the flowers from Pinterest. I just cut out several hearts with my Cricut, folded them in half and arranged them in a flower. Fun, and I like the effect!


Author: sitscrapandrelax

Optometrist by day, scrapbooker by night!

3 thoughts on “Duck!

  1. Thats some ducks!!!! love that beautiful layout. Cute idea with the hearts…love how you used the stencils and the washi tape too!!!

  2. Love your LO! The misting over the numbers looks so awesome.
    You will love the ducks until the day someone walks through the duck stuff and track it into the house! The can make a yard sort of ‘greasy’! They are cute though. 🙂

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