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I Heart She Art


I am taking an online class called The She Art Workshop, created and taught by Christy Tomlinson. I have been following her blog and watching her create art in her online videos for a long time. It is through this that I develped my new passion for canvas art and art journaling.

One of the things I love about canvas art is that when you finish a project you have something you can actually hang on your wall. Another awesome thing about canvas art and art journaling is how painty and inky your fingers get during the process of creating something- love it!

So back to She Art. The online course is taught as a 3 week course. Since I joined the class way after the fact, I had access to all 3 weeks right away and I’ve made my way through the first 2 weeks so far.

In week one we learned different ways to do backgrounds and then how to do a basic girl in three different ways. These are my first 3 She Art girls!

She Art

My first She Art girl

She Art

My second She Art girl

She Art

My third She Art girl

Week 2 got me to try my hand at a pleated dress and an outdoor scene for the background. I think this one is my favourtie so far!

She Art

My fourth She Art girl

I can’t wait to dive into week 3!


Author: sitscrapandrelax

Optometrist by day, scrapbooker by night!

5 thoughts on “I Heart She Art

  1. Karen, I love the backgrounds and your girls are wonderful! I still haven’t made one but you’re inspiring me to move it up my “to-do” list.

  2. Beautiful Karen…I love these!

  3. These are gorgeous! Looks like a fun process too, I may have to try this!

  4. Wow,,I didn’t know My Boss was so talented…..very nice…

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