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12 on Twelve- October


This is my first “12 on Twelve” post! I took 12 pictures on the 12th and here they are. I didn’t think of it until almost lunchtime, but I was at work anyway so it’s not like I missed any good photo opportunities.

IMAG08641. Coffee break

IMAG08662. Me at work

IMAG08683. Lunch- BLT salad and cantaloupe.

IMAG08704. Having a picnic with L.

IMAG08725. Bobo at the “picnic”.

IMAG08736. Playing ‘doctor’ with L.

IMAG08747. Bracelets

IMAG08788. “Take a picture of me Mommy!”

IMAG08829. Appetizer at Oppidan- French Onion soup.

IMAG088410. Main- Pan Fried Cod.

IMAG088511. The dessert menu.

IMAG088612. My dessert- I didn’t go for the Trio (for shame)!


Author: sitscrapandrelax

Optometrist by day, scrapbooker by night!

2 thoughts on “12 on Twelve- October

  1. This is a great way to document your life!

  2. we had a great time at oppidan that night

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