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Halloween Projects


Hi! Halloween is just around the corner so I thought I’d share a couple of very simple projects I did for fun this year. You just may notice a running ‘eye’ theme… hmmm, I’m not sure why….

The idea for this first project came from Pinterest (big surprise there!) I bought a small wooden frame from Dollarama, sprayed it with Fresh Lime Dylusions Ink Spray and then got my three year old daughter to help me glue on the google eyes. It was a fun little project and she was excited to help. I think it is cute!

halloweenframe (800x694)

The next project was this jar of eyeballs. I found the jar in Winners and then just painted Styrofoam balls to looks like eyeballs. I also intended to put fake spider web in and big ugly bugs I bought at Dollarama, but didn’t get around to adding that yet (maybe next year- haha!).

Eek (800x703)

And finally the simple little Halloween cards I just finished for my niece and nephew. I love that American Crafts Dear Lizzy jar stamp- it is so versatile! For the green goo I used GooseBumps clear texture spray mixed with Fresh Lime Dylusions Ink Spray to give it colour and just dripped it down the cardstock and let it dry like that. For that idea I have to thank Cathie and this Paperie blog post.

Tomorrow night is pumpkin carving night!  Still trying to decide what to carve, but I think I am most excited about the roasted pumpkin seeds!! Happy Halloween!


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4 thoughts on “Halloween Projects

  1. Love that frame! And the cards are sweet – that stamp really is one of the best!

  2. love all the Halloween projects – especially the Goosebumps green slime!

  3. EYE love the frame and the eyes in the jar—genious!!

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