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Preparing for December Daily


I decided to do December Daily this year for the first time- yay! I didn’t buy a kit because I have so much old Christmas patterned paper lying around that I want to use up. I wanted to keep it simple and I figured a 4×6 album would work great. I thought about it for a while, wondering what I would use for the album- maybe a simple store bought photo album? Before I got a chance to buy one I found this torn up old gem in my daughters room- perfect! Get out the Mod Podge!


I cut a piece of sticky back canvas to the right size for the bendy part of the album and painted it with my lovely new Silks Acrylic Glaze (love!).

I picked out some old patterned paper that was really thin so I would have less trouble sticking it to the album with Mod Podge. I worked great! IMGP8750




Once I had the outside and inside covered I decorated the front. And voila, my December Daily album!


The next task was preparation for the inside- the actual pages. I downloaded the Ali Edwards December Daily PDF printables and added washi tape and pattern paper strips to them.  Later I will print some of the plain ones without the dates too since I will have at least two pages to fill in the album per day.


Oh, and I found these adorable printable 1” advent circles on Etsy- they are numbered 1 through 25- perfect right?! I thought they would be a great embellishment to add to the pages as I go along!


So I am all set- come on December!


Author: sitscrapandrelax

Optometrist by day, scrapbooker by night!

4 thoughts on “Preparing for December Daily

  1. Love it! You are so creative!

  2. Your album is beautiful Karen!!! I don’t think you could buy anything that looks as festive and personal. Can’t wait to see the finished pages in it. What a lovely family keepsake. 🙂

  3. Thanks! And it was fun to do too- can’t wait to start filling it up!!

  4. you did an amazing job here

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