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ICAD #17-19



Day 17. So I’ve been using  my Dylusions Spray Ink a lot on my index cards. And why not? They are AWESOME and fun to use… but when I sat down to do this card I thought- wait- I have more spray inks then just Dylusions! LOL, So I created the background using Huey’s Misters- Clay and Pinstripe. Then I thought I’d keep it simple by finishing of with a couple of bright layers through stencils (yes, using Dylusions, haha) and some stamping. Quick, easy, done!17



Day 18. This was a fun one- I created a random bright background using sprays, stencils and stamping. Then I took old letter stickers from my stash for the word “create”. Originally I was going to paint over the card with black or another dark colour of paint… but I decided to go with white so that the background could still subtly show through. When the paint was dry I peeled the letters stickers off and voila!



Day 19. This one was inspired by an art journal page I pinned on Pinterest. I painted the background with one of my favourite colours of paint and I stamped the circles with paint. Once dry I finished off with my trusty black ball point pen from Christy Tomlinson’s mixed media shop, Scarlet Lime. Done! And with NO Dylusions spray! LOL



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Author: sitscrapandrelax

Optometrist by day, scrapbooker by night!

2 thoughts on “ICAD #17-19

  1. Sweet designs! Like what you did with #18. It’s fun to peel something off and reveal the layer underneath. The last one (#19) brings me back to those days as a kid playing with the big fleur rollercoaster toys, except much less complicated in appearance. lol.

    Aah man, I’d LOVE to get a hold of Dylusion Inks myself. I’d use those like crazy, no doubt. Makes stenciling faster than using a spouncer.

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