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Face to Face


My quest to conquer faces continues! I love how my ability is evolving so quickly (with a lot of practice of course). My faces are strongly influenced by Dina Wakley. In fact, I think her faces are what inspired me to start drawing them in the first place.

Now, lucky for me, The Paperie arranged for Dina Wakley to come to St.John’s and teach us a weekend’s worth of classes last weekend! (Insert happy dance here). The weekend was truly amazing by the way. AND she even took an hour to touch on face drawing. PLUS, it just so happens that Dina just released an online class called Facing The Facts! So of course I am taking that… and this face is a result. (After lesson two). I love her!  I still have a lot of practice to go, and I can’t wait to see how my faces continue to evolve.



Just to show you the huge amount of progress…. this face is one I did a few weeks ago. (During the early stages and prior to the awesome help from Dina Wakley). Some difference eh?!

July 2013              Aug 2013

 IMAG1573 IMAG1570


Author: sitscrapandrelax

Optometrist by day, scrapbooker by night!

3 thoughts on “Face to Face

  1. Amazing Karen! She is fabulous!

  2. Wonderful job! So glad that Dina took the time to show us the “Face Formula”. Can’t wait to see more of your “homework” from her class! 🙂


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